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Celebrate the most romantic evening of the year with an elegant Italian menu

Did you know that San Valentino was Italian? The patron saint of love lived in Rome in the third century. San Valentino was born in Terni, a small town in central Umbria. When he moved to Rome, he began to marry Christian couples in secret. Word spread to Emperor Claudius II, who demanded that Valentino renounce his faith. Valentino refused and was martyred on February 14, 269.

For more than 200 years, Valentino was one on a list of many saints whose feast days were only lightly observed at Mass. However, in the fifth century, his story was remembered when the Catholic Church was struggling with Lupercalia, a raucous ancient Roman fertility festival celebrated from February 13 to 15. Remembering Valentino’s passion for the conjugal, the pope decided to appropriate the pagan ritual with the saint’s feast day.

Today, Italians celebrate La Festa di San Valentino with romantic dinners, meaningful gifts, and – of course – rich chocolate. There is something about chocolate that makes it exotically romantic, and it’s simply an edible declaration of love that makes one feel extra special. Have a look at our amazing chocolate selection. You’ll be sure to melt your loved one’s heart in true bliss when they have a taste. 

Chocolate and Champagne pair beautifully together and act as a great combination to end off or even start a romantic dinner. This particular champagne from Pierry in France is a Brut Reserve. Vollereaux is extremely bright and light yellow in colour with subtle glints of gold. Its tiny bubbles sustain a persistent ring of foam on the surface. The bouquet offers aromas of white-fleshed fruit and honey, followed by notes of ripeness and apricot.

If you’d rather celebrate this special night at home. We’ve put together a simple little menu that will be sure to impress your Valentine!

Easy Prawn Aglio e Olio

Affogato Dessert

Buon appetito e buon San Valentino!