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Buona Pasqua from all of us at Adriatic

Easter is one of Italy’s biggest and most important holidays. Easter Sunday is a big deal in Italy, but it doesn’t start there. Holy Week begins the Sunday before, on Palm Sunday, and there are religious services and processions throughout the week leading up to Easter.

Some of the most well-known are the Good Friday processions – including the “Stations of the Cross” in Rome, led by the Pope. Easter is marked by services in churches throughout the country, as well as a big meal enjoyed at home with family. Traditional dishes eaten during this time include artichokes, roast lamb, and a sweet holiday bread called “Colomba,” which means “dove” in Italian.

A typical Italian Easter dinner will often include soup, salad, risotto, pasta and lamb, served with veggies and plenty of wine. Don't forget to drink your coffee at the end, or you'll fall asleep. And then, enjoy the ammazza caffè (literally 'the coffee killer'), liquor like grappa or amaro, to help the digestion.

Here are some Easter recipes to try out:

Risotto alla Parmigiana con Aceto Balsamico

La Stracciatella Soup (Italian Egg Drop Soup)

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Buona Pasqua