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The taste of excellence with Galantino Olive Oil!


The entrepreneurial activity of the Galantino family dates back to 1926 when Vito Galantino bought a nineteenth-century mill and transformed it into an oil mill. Since then, three generations have engaged in the milling activity, bringing it to A-level quality.

Today, Frantoio Galantino supplies itself with olives from its own farm and from 2,000 entrusted producers. The diligent harvesting of the drupes by hand or with modern facilitators at the right degree of ripeness, the careful selection, washing and crushing with stone grinders, cold pressing and centrifugation, flavour and enhance the taste and fragrance of their Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The oil, subjected to laboratory control and organoleptic examination, is selected and certified by the Mastro Oleario.

We at Adriatic distribute the Galantino line of Extra Virgin Olive oils. There are some in particular that are ideal for gifts or just having at home to show off to your guests, as they come in a 500ml ceramic jar. These beautiful jars house a superior category of olive oil that is obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means and comes straight from Italy.

Today, I’d like to share two delicious recipes with you, which will showcase our olive oils as well as our delicious products to keep in your pantry.


Just tap on the links below to view each recipe:

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio 

Creamy Artichoke Pasta 

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