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Villabella Lugana DOC

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Classification: Lugana d.o.c.
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Product Description

Classification: Lugana d.o.c.

Type of wine: Dry white

First vintage produced: 1990

Production zone: The vineyards are in the communes of Lonato, Peschiera del Gar da, Desenzan o del Gar da and Sirmione, along the southern shore of the lake, on the border between the Veneto and Lombardy. This area was the site in ancient times of the Lugana Forest and is notable for the substantial presence of clayey soils (white clays and black clays)

Type of soil: Clay

Main grapes: Trebbiano di Lugana (Turbiana), Chardonnay 

Maturation: in stainless steel with a further period of bottle-ageing before release



Colour: Straw yellow with green highlights

Nose: Hints of flowers and fruit , citrus fruit, and mineral notes

Flavour: Tangy and refreshing , with a well-balanced mix of floral , vegetal and fruity sensations as well as elegant mineral hints in the after- taste, as is typical in this area

Serving suggestions: Ideal as aperitif. In its zone of origin it has always been served with the local cuisine based on fish from the lake. However, it is also perfect with salt-water fish, both in less complex dishes (light or raw hors d’oeuvres ) and in more elaborate recipes, thanks to the wine’s excellent structure. It also goes extremely well with cold cuts. It is excellent with sushi and with oriental dishes, even when they are particularly spicy

Note: A wine with excellent structure, even if this is somewhat unexpected in a fruity white wine

Alcohol: 12.5% vol

Serving temperature: 10°/12°C

Villabella Lugana DOC

Product code: IVB2550756