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Venegazzu Malbec Wine 750ml

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Venegazzu Spirits and Wines
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Venegazzu Spirits and Wines

A love of wine and fine liqueurs, a passion for quality respecting the environment and enhancing the terrior. These are the guiding values of our continuing quest to offer you expressions of great character and uniqueness, always.

Malbec – IGT Colli Trevigiani Malbech

So many names for the same grape: Auxerrois in Cahors, France, from where it originates, but also Pressac or Cot in the Loire Valley and Malbec in the Boredeaux area. It has been cultivating for more than 50 years as part of our DOC Vanegazzu.

The Malbec grape produces a wine with an intense colour, rich with hints of red fruit and with a delicate spicy note. It is ideal as an aperitif, with fried food or red meat.

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