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Corvo Duca Enrico 1993

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Vintage 1993
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Product Description

Vintage 1993

The first single varietal wine to be produced from Nero d’Avola grapes in the history of Sicilian wine, it was first made in 1984. The idea of this noble wine originated from the desire to produce a great Sicilian red wine that could stand alongside the highest quality wines in existence in the international wine-making industry. Duca Enrico is a wine of great charm; it is aged for 18 months in oak barrels, which lends it complexity, style and longevity, after which it is bottle aged for at least a year to complete the organoleptic qualities, enhancing the distinctive bouquet with aristocratic notes. Perfect with red meat, medium-aged cheeses and full-flavoured dishes. Perfect meditation wine. Serving temperature 18° C.

Production area:

Central-South Sicily, birthplace of Nero d’Avola. Area of Butera and Riesi, the most suitable for the prince of the sicilian varieties.

Grape variety:

Nero d’Avola.




Typical geographical indication (IGT Sicilia)


Mixed calcareous-siliceous composition.


From 200 to 300 meters meters above sea level.


Bush-trained vines, density of at least 5,000 plants per hectare with low yield per plant (max. 1.2 Kg).


Mild winters with very dry springs and summers.


By hand, at full ripening.


De-stemming of the grapes, maceration at 28° – 30° C. for 8 – 10 days followed by the malolactic fermentation.


At least 18 months in fine oak casks in which they develop their complexity, style and ageability. 18 months in bottle at controlled temperature to fully develop the organoleptic features and enhance the typical bouquet.


Ruby red with garnet red highlights.


Blend of ripe fruit, irises and spices.


Strong, round, well-balanced, with character, with scents of wood blended perfectly. Great persistence.

Alcohol content:

13,5 % – to 14,0 % vol.

Serving temperature:

16° – 18° C.

Recommended with:

Excellent with red meat, medium-aged cheeses and tasty dishes. Perfect as meditation wine.


Reclined bottle in cool (13° – 15° C.) place, not too moist.


More than 10 years if kept in cellars with suitable conditions.

1st year of production:

1984 harvest.

Product code: B97907