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Calvados Pomme Prisonniere Brandy

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It was in 1981 that Christian Drouin has marketed the first “Apple Prisoner.”
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Product Description

It was in 1981 that Christian Drouin has marketed the first “Apple Prisoner.”

Chance had introduced him to a few kilometers from the distillery fruit producer, Didier Alleaume, whose family locked up every year for four generations, few pears in carafes for the pleasure of the privileged few.

Soon, the idea of combining apple and Calvados seemed appealing. Together, they decided to try the adventure of “The Captive Apple”.

How to introduced the apple in the jug?

From April, the apple trees are covered with white and pink flowers. In May, the fruit of the embryo forms the heart of the flower that fades. Unfertilized fruit abort and fall after flowering. Only 5% of embryos will become apple. Wait until the fall to introduce young fruit carafe is taking the risk that the neck is proving too cramped. The introduced too early, it is doomed to failure!

The challenge is to determine the precise moment when we must suspend the carafe to the branch and introduce the little apple that will grow over the summer. In late September, it detaches the carafe from the tree; it cleans carefully and is filled with a Calvados Pays d’Auge Christian Drouin. During the long months of maceration, the taste value of the apple is added to that of Calvados.

To keep indefinitely, and its brightness, “La Pomme Captive”, simply add the Calvados before it was discovered, Calvados Christian Drouin Auge, of course!



Volume: 1L

Alcohol Content:


Product code: F90CPA40