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Vergani - Classic Gianduiotti Gold Bag 1kg

Vergani - Classic Gianduiotti Gold Bag 1kg image
Gianduiotti Chocolate bricks with Milk and Gianduja Hazelnut.
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Product Description

Gianduiotti Chocolate bricks with Milk and Gianduja Hazelnut. 

Piemonte has the best hazelnuts in Italy. The PGI Piemonte Hazelnut is unique and considered top-end. Gianduja chocolate is made with hazelnut paste and prime chocolate. It is divine and has been enjoyed in Turin since they were invented during the reign of Napoleon (1796-1814). Each chocolate is individually wrapped in foil for freshness. A whole kilo of Gianduja, though.....! What a treat.

Vergani makes superb Italian candy and sweets, from chocolate bars to fruit chutneys. Their rich creations range from the classic to the inventive, sweet to sour and offer something for every palette. Consider gifting a box of chocolates for your next holiday, or treat yourself whenever you like.

Vergani began in 1881 when Secondo Vergani bought a shop and started crafting torrone, a traditional mix of sugar, egg white, honey, and nuts. The shop expanded rapidly, with customers across Italy delighting in the sweet nougat and chocolate treats, and by 1930 was shipping Vergani’s torrone, chocolate, and candied fruits internationally. Vergani continues to produce delicious Italian candy in the region where it all began.

VERGANI Classic Gianduiotti Gold Bag 1kg


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