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Buona Pasta. Buon Vino. Buoni Amici.


Good Pasta. Good Wine. Good Friends. What could be more important than having all of this when you are sharing a fabulous home-cooked pasta meal with good friends and wine? It is estimated that Italians eat over 25kgs of pasta per person per year. Today, pasta is everywhere and can be found in dried (pasta secca) and fresh (pasta fresca) varieties, depending on what the recipes call for. Pasta from Italy keeps to time-tested production methods that create superior pasta.

This month, we would like to showcase one of the oldest Pasta manufacturers in Italy – Rummo Pasta. In 1846, Antonio Rummo launched the family business of milling wheat and making pasta where the grain is good and the waters are pure. Their three horses (Bruto, Bello and Baiardo) pulled the wheat from Puglia and Campania to their mill. You can still see these three horses today on every package of Rummo pasta. The company has really come a long way. They now have the following pasta lines: organic and organic whole wheat, both made from environmentally-friendly 100% Italian wheat; Gluten-free pasta made from brown rice, white corn and yellow corn; Legume Pasta; and whole wheat pasta made with 100% Italian grain.

We celebrate pasta with these simple, comforting and budget-friendly recipes. (If needed, you can absolutely substitute gluten-free pasta in any of the dishes below).

Click on the recipes below:

Fusilli Puttanesca Style

Rigati baked with Ragu and Béchamel

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