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Motta Il Panettone Original 1kg

Motta Il Panettone Original 1kg image
Motta Panettone Original 1kg:
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Product Description

Motta Panettone Original 1kg:

The most liked masterpiece of traditional Italian pastries. A soft and soft dough rich of raisins and candied fruit. Always been the symbol of Christmas.
No festive occasion is complete without it.

Motta Heritage:

Angelo Motta, born in 1890, after a long and early apprenticeship as a pastry chef, in 1919 he opened his first bakery with his name in the Closed street in Milan. In 1925 it opened the first store image in gallery Carlo Alberto Motta. From the 50s onwards it begins a strong diversification in many markets where Motta is enjoying huge success creating real products Myth for several generations.

Fast forward to Today. The recipe Motta remains the same: great care, attention to quality and know-how enriched by a touch of fantasy to warm the homes of all Italians. Motta, your myth.